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Hi, I'm Amber! I love to chase the magic of life, don't you?


Who We Are & What We're About

Hi, I'm Amber!

I love to chase the magic of life, don't you?

My favorite ways are:

  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Making
  • Movement


Born and raised in the Appalachian mountains, I have called Asheville my home for my entire life. Growing up in the rolling hills and singing creeks of Candler, I migrated all of 20 miles eastward to Swannanoa to go to college at Warren Wilson College. I then lived for 10 years in the proud-to-be weird, creative downtown neighborhoods of Asheville. I just moved with my family to Marshall, NC , a much quieter, lush, verdant area that is supremely proud of its traditional Appalachian arts and crafts community.

I live with my husband, Bastien, and daughter, Elise, where we enjoy walking to school, the parks and trails and exploring the mountains of Appalachian on the weekends.


I feel that I can best serve you, by offering the following:

  • Storytelling - I love a good story. I love to tell them and hear them. I'd love to find out more about you & help you share your stories.

  • Classes for Adults - Feeling disconnected? I do sometimes, too. I want to share with you my go-to ways that I reach for every time I need to reconnect with myself, my essence, my core, my spirit.

  • Classes for the Kiddos - I believe we need to spread compassion throughout the world, and what better way to spread it by teaching it to our kiddos. Our series of compassion classes help to build more compassionate little citizens of the world.


Compassionate Kids classes are a series of classes that teach the value of being a compassionate human being. Through classes that teach compassion for oneself (Magic Makers), compassion for others (World Culture Explorers) and compassion for the earth (class TBD), our classes teach the full spectrum of how to apply compassion to every aspect of life.

We believe that teaching and raising compassionate kids will create compassionate and kind adults. And that, we can hope, will make a better, brighter future for all.

Class Offerings & Schedule

Magic Makers ✨

In this class we explore the mystery and magic that is found in the act of creating something with our hands, and how that mystery is connected to us. Each class has a specific theme or project. $15 per class or $112 for the 8 week series. Currently held at Amber's home.

Tuesdays 3:45-5 (or the after schoolers 5-10)

Wednesdays 10-11:15 (or the tots, and homeschoolers 3-5)

Fridays 1-2:15 (for the tots, preschoolers and homeschoolers 3-7)

World Culture Explorers 🌎

Learn new cultures and customs from around the world and your next door neighbor. This class explores how we are all the same, despite our wild and wonderful differences. $15 per class or $112 for the 8 week series. Currently held at Amber's home.

Wednesdays 1-2:15 (for the tots, preschoolers and homeschoolers 3-7)

Thursdays 3:45-5 (or the after schoolers 5-10)

Fridays 10-11:15 (or the tots, and homeschoolers 3-5)

Please visit the Compassionate Kids Classes Facebook page to find out the latest classes!


I'm passionate about working with organizations, businesses and people who care about more than just the dollar-dollar bills, ya'll; social, environmental and economic justice and issues of the soul & heart.


Work Highlights

Blue Ridge Biofuels
Office Manager, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator
August 2014 to present

Green Opportunities
Office Manager, Social Media Management
May 2010 to August 2013

The Littlest Birds
Clerk & Social Media Management
September 2009 to September 2010



B.A. History/Political Science, English
Warren Wilson College


Skills & Languages

Quickbooks, 8 years

Bookkeeping, 7 years

French, 12 years

Social Media Mgmt, 12 years

Writer, 14 years



Available upon request


Let's chat. I'd love to find out what makes you tick, what drives your passion, what's deep in your soul. Or, you know, just say hi.

Love ya already! 💗

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