Who We Are & What We're About

I love to chase the magic of life, don't you?

My favorite ways are:

  • Writing
  • Making
  • Movement

I love using writing as a medium to explore and go deeper. My goal? Share what the magic of the written word can do for you when you give yourself the space and time to delve deep inside.

I love to work with people and businesses who are passion-driven, whose goals in their life or business go beyond the dollar-dollar bills, y'all. I guide others to go deep and find their voice and help them craft their story.



  • Intuitive writing practices - one on one meetings to work through the practice of intuitive writing.
  • Intuitive movement practices - inspired by the many expressive dance movement around. I am currently working to get my Qoya Certification.
  • Women's Circles - recognizing and exploring our shared connections and experiences by coming together as a group for communion and support.


Born and raised in the Appalachian mountains, I have called Asheville my home for my entire life. Growing up in the rolling hills and singing creeks of Candler, I migrated all of 20 miles eastward to Swannanoa to go to college at Warren Wilson College. I then lived for 10 years in the proud-to-be weird, creative downtown neighborhoods of Asheville. I just moved with my family to Marshall, NC , a much quieter, lush, verdant area that is supremely proud of its traditional Appalachian arts and crafts community.

I live with my husband, Bastien, and daughter, Elise, where we enjoy walking to school, the parks and trails and exploring the mountains of Appalachian on the weekends.