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Born and raised in the Appalachian mountains, I have called Asheville my home for my entire life. Growing up in the rolling hills and singing creeks of Candler, I migrated all of 20 miles eastward to Swannanoa to go to college at Warren Wilson College. I then lived for 10 years in the proud-to-be weird, creative downtown neighborhoods of Asheville. I just moved with my family to Marshall, NC , a much quieter, lush, verdant area that is supremely proud of its traditional Appalachian arts and crafts community.

I live with my husband, Bastien, and daughter, Elise, where we enjoy walking to school, the parks and trails and exploring the mountains of Appalachian on the weekends.

  • Intuitive writing practices - one on one meetings to work through the practice of intuitive writing.
  • Intuitive movement practices - inspired by the many expressive dance movement around. I am currently working to get my Qoya Certification.
  • Women's Circles - recognizing and exploring our shared connections and experiences by coming together as a group for communion and support.