Ode to Beyoncé (and other kick-ass women)


Love Beyoncé 

How she uses her celebrity to carry a message 

A message worth telling 

Worth repeating 


That we are all human 

Black lives matter 

They matter like everyone else

But they haven't ever really mattered to the public 

To our society 

They are part of us, 

Part of our society, humanity  

But they are brushed to the side when someone shoots them

As if our common community laws do not apply to them


How would you feel if your son was shot?

Or beaten?

And then shot?

You would be devastated 

And cause a ruckus

With due cause 


You would seek vengeance 

Or justice at least 


But if you are black - 

Your son caused it

He deserved it


Because he's black

And all black stereotypes apply to him

So surely he caused it

And deserved the consequences 


All black lives matter

Just as much as your white life

Your yellow one

Your red one.

But you need to pay attention 


You should not be punished for the color of your skin 

You should not be treated differently based on the color of your skin

You are human.

We are human .

And every single one of us should be treated as a human,

Like all humans want to be treated.

Amber GilotComment